Current Series

In the series, "Power In The Name" we take a deep dive into the 7 "I AM" statements made by Jesus, recorded in the Gospel of John.

When God calls Himself the “I Am” in Exodus 3, it’s a pivotal moment in His redemptive story. God reveals Himself to His people and comes to redeem them out of exile and lead them into a new life. He is the I Am, the eternal, unchanging, self-existent one, infinite and glorious in every way, and above and beyond all created things. He is God!

When Jesus applies the title “I Am” to himself, he claims to be God! That's a big deal!! Not a helper to God or a great teacher, but the divine, eternal, pre-existent, infinite, perfect Being.

The seven “I Am” statements in John might best be understood as reflecting this claim of Jesus. He is God, and he is the God of Israel. All of God's redemptive acts in the Old Testament were pointing to Jesus as the God-in-flesh, the true and better Israel, and the fulfillment of all the Old Testament prophecies.

Join us in this 7 week series, starting March 7th, as we take a look into who Jesus is through His own words!